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The next generation holiday lodges have arrived

CurveBlock Tech are delighted to present carbon zero, energy positive lodges that are built to produce more energy than they consume. This leaves owners with surplus energy to use for such things as charging your electric vehicle(s) or to sell back to the grid as a means of generating residual revenue.

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With best in class infrastructure and functionality


Open the doors to a new way of holiday living, our Eden encapsulates interior luxury design whilst on the outside the sleek modern look holds

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Mini Eden

Open the doors to a new way of holiday living, our Mini Eden lodge encapsulates interior luxury design whilst on the outside the sleek modern

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Discover a new era of holiday living with the Nova lodge. A lodge that perfectly encapsulates luxury and comfort perfectly blended with the latest photovoltaic

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The Volt is the latest lodge design for CurveBlock Technologies. In this design we maintain the high standards of indoor design and include an attached

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To be an energy positive, carbon zero home requires the latest in technology. Your lodge will be kitted out with the latest energy efficient, high end tech from top to bottom.

Dining Rooms

Lodges are designed for comfortable family get aways. Eating together is key to reconnecting so all lodges come with a dining area suited for your needs.


This is a key element in getting away and being able to enjoy your lodge and your family. Our kitchens are kitted out with the latest technology and new appliances to make preparing meals easy and fast.

Living Rooms

Some say the kitchen is the heart of the home but let's face it, nobody wants to spend all day in the kitchen. The joy and entertainment and comfort is in living and our living spaces are designed for exactly that, living!


We use quality luxury fixtures in our bathrooms, no builder grade here. Our bathrooms and designed for a clean and efficient flow and easy to maintain. Your time will be spent enjoying your lodge, not always cleaning it.

Energy Choices

While your lodge is producing far more energy than it can consume, you have choices in how you utilize this energy. When purchasing your lodge, you can choose a battery to store excess energy for nighttime use with excess being sold back to the grid. You can have a car charging port installed or just sell all excess back to the grid. Your choice!

“If you are going to install a new holiday lodge, why would buy a traditional build when you can get these energy positive builds at a similar price? On top of that, these lodges are installed far fast."

S Smith

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